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Book Signing

Preparations are being made to leave for Santa Fe New Mexico and Forrest Fenn’s book signing on October 22nd.  We have yet to meet him and are looking forward to it.  In addition, there will be two guest authors, Douglas Preston and Michael McGarrity.  How exciting can that be?  We have never been to Santa Fe, so I have a list of places we want to visit including the Loretto Chapel which sits at the end of the Santa Fe Trail.  It contains a staircase said to be miraculous, because it was constructed with only wooden pegs.  No glue or nails were used.  It has two 360 degree turns and no support except its base. It has confounded architects for years and is thought to have been built by or inspired by St. Joseph. 

In addition, we will scout the area for any signs of the treasure.  Maybe Taos?  Who knows.  I have yet to decipher any clues pointing that direction, but you never know!  It doesn’t matter as we will be enjoying the Thrill of the Chase yet again.   If any of you other treasure hunters will be there, please say hello.