The Treasure Hunt in Yellowstone Park Day One

We started from Bozeman airport on Thursday morning July 25th after picking up our cohorts, My husband’s son and his girlfriend.  Headed to Yellowstone with the knowledge we knew exactly where to search.  We did have a couple of alternatives in mind.

We began where warm waters halt..the entrance to Yellowstone, and headed for the Lamar Buffalo Ranch where Ranger Brown stayed for many years.  (House of Brown) We put in just below the ranch which was across the road where the buffalo herds were grazing.  (Not for the meek).  As we crossed the prairie two huge buffalo were eyeing us and making threatening noises.  It was very scary.  We followed the creek going through the prairie and did not need a paddle.  Then we came to the river and crossed through the cold water into a little wooded area. Again, scary as the rocks were slippery and it was about two foot deep. We came to a beautiful waterfall which was the blaze we had seen from across the river!  Knowing we were in the right spot as it was so beautiful; we searched high and low to no avail. Just as we were leaving it began to storm heavy rain drops which felt like stones hitting our face.  The storm caused the buffalo herds (two of them) to move across the prairie right where we were to cross. We waited with hopes of getting out safely.  Then we saw our chance and began crossing only to be eyed by a huge bull buffalo who did not want us to cross.  Finally we got across to the truck, wet, tired and empty handed,  but what an adventure!!!