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Why the Treasure Chest is Hidden in New Mexico

Why the Treasure Chest is Hidden in New Mexico.

Lots of hunters think the treasure chest in hidden in New Mexico because it is closer to Forrest’s home. They have, as we all do, justified the clues in the poem to fit the area.  It could be, but I am not of that opinion.  I still think Forrest hid it near where his heart was in his boyhood.  Near or in Yellowstone Park.  I’m now opting for near as the more I think about a Federal Park and the rules and regulations associated with it, the more I think it is nearby.  This summer is going fast and I have to get up there soon to prove my point!


Winter Coming

Well, winter is coming and I don’t really see a way we will be able to hunt again until spring.  If I thought it was in New Mexico, maybe there could be another attempt at it, but I think it is in or near Yellowstone.  So, we will have to wait and plan for spring.  It is an exciting adventure to look forward to.

Thanksgiving will soon be here and I we will have it with our family at our son’s home.  What a relief to not have to do all the stuff at our house now.  The new generation does take over and that’s a good thing.  Funny, you don’t often think about age, but when these changes happen, you remember back to when you took over the festivities and suddenly realize that time does just fly by.

Make each day count and don’t waste time thinking about if you should or should not do it….just do it and never have regrets.